Friday, March 04, 2005 - review

On Jan 18 I decided to order some neodym (NdFeB) magnets from Neodym magnets are a lot of fun. They're super strong and are made in many different shapes. Especially fun are the spheres. I sent my order and it was very quickly processed and sent the next morning. So I started waiting. And waiting. A week and a half later I emailed their support too see if there was a tracking number available for the order. There wasn't but they told me it could take a while for it to arrive, with customs and everything.

So I waited another 11 days (three weeks after it was sent) and emailed them again. They kindly asked me to wait another week, and if it hadn't arrived by then it must have been lost on the way and they would send the package again, for free! I thought this was a very generous offer so I of course accepted and waited another week.

Then a week later's support contacted me (nice move on their part!) asking if the magnets had arrived. Since it hadn't arrived Supermagnete would send it again for no extra charge. I asked if I could add a second order to the same package, and get the shipping free for that too. "Of course!" they said. They sent the second package, with my first and second order, on Feb 17 and it arrived on Feb 28. They even said that if the first package would ever turn up, I could keep it too!

All in all Supermagnete has a fantastic and friendly customer service and good prices, so I would recommend them to anyone looking for fun magnets! They weren't responsible for the package getting lost in the post, but they solved the problem beautifully anyway!